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Getting Started with Data Objects

Target audience: Modelers


A powerful way to store data within Flowable are Data Objects. They allow you to either use a REST based service to manage data or use the database.

Creating a Data Object

In this video a database based data object is created from scratch, and the schema is generated and executed. To manage the entries in the data object a page with the options to add new data objects is created.

Usage of Data Objects in CMMN and BPMN

Based on the previous video, in which a data object model was created from scratch, in this video the data object is used within a CMMN case model. In addition, a BPMN process model is created to modify the existing data of the data object. With that, it's shown how the typical CRUD operations can be performed on a data object.

Relations between Data Objects

Based on the previous built data object "Patient", now a related data object "Consultation" is built. Those two data objects are linked together to allow a Patient to have a Consultation. The existing case is enhanced to add multiple consultations to a patient which gives you a powerful way to structure your data.

Master Detail View

Continuing on the structure of the two data objects "Patient" and "Consultation" in this video a dashboard is built. The dashboard is providing a master-detail view with a filter possibility. The consultations are automatically updated based on the search criteria provided.