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Tutorials Introduction


To get started with Flowable and to find out how to achieve all kinds of things, there are many articles here to help you. They are grouped into tutorials and how-tos.

Getting started with Flowable using the Trial version

A trial version of Flowable is available to allow anyone to experiment with its features. There is an online version that provides an easy introduction to Flowable Work, as well as a full self-managed trial that can be installed on your own laptops or servers. There are installation instructions for the self-managed trial version along with a tutorial that introduces many of Flowable's features. This includes a ready-to-run example app based on applying for a loan to give an immediate experience of Flowable's capabilities.

Tutorials on key features

These tutorials focus on specific features or capabilities of Flowable and are intended to give you a working example to quickly see and learn more. You currently need to have the sel-managed trial to follow these examples.

More advanced How-To guides

An ever-expanding set of How-To articles can help you find ways of configuring and customizing Flowable. See the Table of Contents


If you have any problems, check the Trouble shooting guide or you can look for help on the Trial forum.