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Palette concepts

When you are modeling cases, processes or forms with Flowable Design then note that the elements in the editor that you are using in the models are defined in Palette definition. Before version 3.15 it was already possible to customise the palette definition with JSON and XML files and in that way add new elements to the editor or change existing elements. More information about how this can be achieved using JSON and XML files can be found here:

As you can read in these documentation links, it's possible to add a fully new element to the CMMN, BPMN or Form palette, but it's also possible to just add an additional property to an existing element to extend the information that a modeler can fill-in.

Starting with version 3.15 a new Palette editor has been added to Flowable Design to allow to add a new palette using an editor instead of having to work with JSON or XML files. The Palette editor will get more functionality over time, but at the moment it's focused on adding an option to add a service or script task to the Case or Process editor, or add a new form component based on a fixed number of field types to the Form editor.

When a Palette model has been created and it's ready to be used it can be published in the Palette editor to the Design application and that will make it available to be used in a new model immediately. So after publishing the Palette model, you can select the new Palette in the list of options when creating a new Case, Process or Form model.