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Flowable Work Properties


Work is a Spring Boot application. This means that it is configured as a Spring Boot application and all available properties for Spring Boot application are also applicable for Work.

Work specific properties

The following list displays the properties which are specific for Work.

Properties with the prefix flowable.platform

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
enable-latest-form-definition-lookupEnable always fetching the latest form definition for any task or page. Useful during development of forms, to save the step of having to create new instances of the task to see the new form versionfalse
default-header-configDefines the default header config for custom case viewssm
default-date-formatDefines the default date format for the application-
default-number-formatDefines the default number format for the application-
default-dialog-sizeDefines the default dialog size of the forms-

Properties with the prefix flowable.inspect

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
enabledEnables Flowable Inspect provided the Inspect dependencies are on the classpath and an appropriate License is configuredfalse

Properties with the prefix flowable.webdav

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
enabledEnables the WebDAV integrationfalse

Properties with the prefix

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
impersonate.allowedControls the availability of the impersonation feature, which can be useful in testing environments but dangerous in productionfalse

Properties with the prefix

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
post-logout-redirect-urlThe post logout redirect URL.-

Properties with the prefix

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
first-name-attributeThe name of the attribute in which the first name is located.given_name
last-name-attributeThe name of the attribute in which the last name is located.family_name
display-name-attributeThe name of the attribute in which the display name is
email-attributeThe name of the attribute in which the email is

Properties with the prefix and

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
authorities-attributesA comma separated list of the names of the attributes from which authorities should be extracted from without any changes.-
groups-attributesA comma separated list of the names of the attributes from which groups should be extracted from without any changes.-
tenant-attributeThe name of the attribute that holds the tenant id for the authentication.-
load-authorities-from-identity-serviceIf set to true, it will load the user information (groups, authorities, features) from the identity service. This might impact performance depending on the speed of your identity service and the backed service (e.g. LDAP).false
user-definition-group-mappingsSorted list of mappings with groupKey and corresponding userDefinitionKey to be used in case there is no userDefinitionKey set.-

Properties with the prefix flowable.http

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
client-typeThe type of the client that should be used. If defined then the default precedence will not come into effect. Available options are: springWebClient, apacheHttpClient5 and apacheHttpClient4
use-system-propertiesWhether to use system properties (e.g. http.proxyPort). Only applicable for the Apache HTTP Clientstrue
connect-timeoutThe time to live of the connection. i.e. How long should the server keep the connection alive in absence of data from the client5s
socket-timeoutThe timeout until arrival of a response from the client5s
connection-request-timeoutThe connection lease request timeout for connections from the connection manager. Only applicable for the Apache HTTP Clients5s
request-retry-limitThe amount of times that the request should be retried (in case of a retryable HTTP status code). Only applicable for the Apache HTTP Clients3
disable-cert-verifyWhether to disable certificate validationfalse

Properties with the prefix info

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
env.nameWhen defined, adds a small text box under the application logo on the left menu. Useful to identify the environment in which you are running, or display version information.(Empty)

Frontend properties

Properties with the prefix flowable.frontend

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
titleDefines the title of your pages in the browser.Flowable Work
notificationLogoUrlDefines the path to the logo to use for in-browser notifications.(empty)
engageReadOnlyTagsFlowable Engage only: List of tags to enforce read-only Engage conversations when present in the conversation.(empty)
endpoints.\<endpointId>Paths to the application backend endpoints to be resolved in the forms.
In order to provide custom endpoints (internal relative paths or external absolute URLs) to your forms, so that they can be used at rendering time in modelled frontend expressions, you can extend this property.
For instance, you can define flowable.frontend.endpoints.myCustomExternalApi=http://custom-api/whatever and use in your form models the expression {{endpoints.myCustomExternalApi}} which will then be resolved at rendering time to http://custom-api/whatever.
See Form Expressions

Properties with the prefix flowable.frontend.features

Feature propertyDescriptionDefault value
labsEnables the Features menu option, where you can change available application features on runtime.false
logoutControls the visibility of the logout button and can be set to false when using single sign-on.true
enableCollapsibleSwitcherControls the behavior of the main left menu.false
topNavigationBarControls the visibility of a top navigation bar with the user information (instead of it being in the main left menu).false
formBasedLogoutWether a form based logout should be used in the frontend.false

Note: properties "flowable.frontend.features.\<featureId>" can also be used to enable widely some application features which can otherwise be enabled for certain user definitions only (see the related Java Programming Extensions documentation for more details about existing feature flags).

Mail Properties

Properties with the prefix flowable.mail.server

PropertyDescriptionDefault value
hostThe host of the mail serverlocalhost
portThe port of the mail server1025
ssl-portThe SSL port of the mail server1465
usernameThe username for the mail server authentication. If empty no authentication is used(Empty)
passwordThe password for the mail server authentication. If empty no authentication is used(Empty)
default-fromThe default from address that needs to be used when sending emailsflowable@localhost
force-toSend all emails from the Email task to this address. This should only be set for testing purposes, otherwise the Email task configurations are ignored(Empty)
default-charsetThe default charset to use when not set in the mail taskUTF-8
use-sslUse SSL/TLS encryption. Use SMPTS/POPSfalse
use-tlsUse STARTTLS encryption.false