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Flowable Forms is the form engine used in Flowable's user interfaces. It can be seen in Flowable Work and Flowable Engage, within user tasks and dashboards. It comprises 2 main components: a Javascript library written in ReactJS, and a forms service that manages form generation and data collection integrated into the Flowable business process services.

Flowable Forms Javascript library

Flowable Forms is a declarative forms library. It takes a form definition (in json) and a js object and renders an interactive form that lets the user edit that js object. Main features are:

  • A full set of available components
  • Performance and bundle size in mind
  • Embeddable in ReactJS and other web frameworks
  • Interactivity through the use of expressions
  • 12 column layout
  • Extendable with custom components
  • Easy to style

The json form definition contains an object with an array of columns. These columns must be definitions of one of the types known to the engine.