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Flowable Forms Native is the form engine used by Flowable's Native app user interface. It can be seen in the native app, within user tasks and dashboards.


Similar to Flowable Forms, Flowable Forms Native is a declarative forms library that takes a form definition (in json) and a js object and renders an interactive form that lets the user edit that js object.

Main features are:


It's important to notice that not all Flowable Forms' components are currently available in the Flowable Forms Native library.

Available components are:

  • Boolean
  • Button Group
  • Date
  • Galleries
  • Hline
  • Html Component
  • Number
  • Outcome Button
  • Outcome Button Group
  • Panel
  • Password
  • Radio
  • Script Button
  • Select
  • Spinner
  • Subform
  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Upload