Creating New Ad Hoc Tasks

When you click on the Create new item under the Tasks section, a window appears with a simple form that you need to fill to create a new ad hoc task. Only the name is required, as it serves to identify the task in the tasks list. The other two optional fields are Assignee, in case you want to assign the task to a certain member of your organization, and Description, which you can use to describe what the task involves, and what needs to be accomplished in order for someone to complete the task. Once you have filled the fields you can press the Submit button to create it. At any time you can click on Cancel and the task is not created.

32 tasks create new adhoc task

After creating the ad hoc task, it appears in the inbox list, and its details are shown in the details panel.

32 tasks created adhoc task details

If you look at the top right of the details panel, there is a Complete button. By clicking on this button, you are informing that the task has been performed and mark the task as completed.

51 tasks complete button