New Contacts

The New function lets you create new a Work, Task, or Contact item.

30 new button

When clicked, a dialog opens in the middle of the screen to select which item you want to create:

30 new modal

If the third option Contacts is chosen, a window appears which lets you select the profile (also called technically user definition) of the user you want to create. The profile of the contact determines which functions he can access and perform.

62 contacts create new profiles

After selecting the profile, the window shows the fields needed for creating the contact. Mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk (*) and the fields that are shown are determined by the profile that was selected. For example, to create an external client, you need to select a Client advisor for him. Once you have filled in all mandatory fields, you can press the Submit button.

62 contacts create new fields

After creating the contact, the window closes, the Contacts main option is selected in the side panel, and your recently created contact is loaded into the details pane.

61 contacts created new details