Document Upload

If a user has permission to upload files or create folders in the current folder, then the Create folder and Upload file buttons appear on the right of the screen.

210A document upload buttons

Clicking on the Upload file button opens the system file selector. Alternatively, if the folder is empty, we can also upload files clicking on the big file icon in the middle of the screen.

210B document upload files

The uploading process allows for uploading multiple files at the same time. An upload status panel shows the upload process and the final result of the operation.

210C document upload status


As with uploading files if we are in a folder that allows us to create folders, we can use the Create folder button. A modal window appears in which a new folder name is entered.

210D document upload new folder

After clicking the OK button the new folder appears as a child of the current folder.

To rename a folder, select Rename in the context menu at the top right of the item row.

210E document upload rename folder

Selecting Rename opens a model window in which we set the new folder name. After clicking the OK button, the screen is refreshed displaying the new folder name.

To delete folders (again assuming we have permissions), use the same context menu and select the Delete folder item. Selecting Delete folder opens a confirmation window in which if we click the OK button, the folder is deleted.

210F document upload delete folder

Document Versioning

We can add different versions of the same document by selecting New version in the context menu associated with a file.

210G document upload add version

Selecting New version opens a model dialog confirming that in fact, we do want to upload a new version of the document. Clicking the OK button then opens the system file upload dialog in which we select the file to upload. At any time in the process we can cancel the versioning action.

210H document upload add version dialog

To see the full list of document versions, we first must open the document in preview mode. Next click the versions icon to see the various versions. See versions in the Preview mode.

Content Type

We can add content type information to a document using the context action menu and clicking on Add content type.

210I document upload add content type

Selecting Add content type produces a dropdown menu from which to pick one of the possible content types defined in the system.

210J document upload select content type

Once the content type is selected a form with the corresponding metadata fields appears in the list into which we fill in the required information.

210K document upload edit content type

Once the information is entered, click on the Save button and if the save is successful, a success message appears:

210L document upload content type saved

To view the metadata associated with a document metadata open the document in preview mode.