Contact Details

The details panel of a selected contact contains all the information about the contact, a navigation bar to choose between contact details and accounts, an edit button (if you have the appropriate permissions to do so), a button for additional actions, and a main area to interact with the selected contact.

61 contacts details panel areas

The header contains the display name of the user, their role, their email, an edit button and additional actions menu dropdown.

61 contacts details header
if you click on the email of the contact, you can send him an email using your favorite email software.

When you have a contact selected in the inbox and the details panel loads its information, a navigation bar is shown on the main area. This bar provides you access to the details of the contact and their accounts.

61 contacts details navigation bar


The details tab is the default tab of the contact details view. It shows all the main information of the contact: First name, Last name, email as well as additional information that is only shown if the contact has a specific role. For example, a client contact has fields for their address, and a selection field to specify the client advisor of the contact.

61 contacts tabs details


The accounts tab shows the accounts of the contact, if any.

Editing a Contact

While visualizing the details of a contact you can click on the Edit button on the header area to make modifications to their information. The details panel will then change to an edit mode that lets you modify the fields, and the Edit button is replaced by a Save button and a Cancel button. Once you have finished the modifications, you can save them by clicking on Save. In case you want to discard the modifications, you can press Cancel and any unsaved changes will not be applied.

61 contacts details edit