New Work

The New function lets you create new a Work, Task or Contact item.

30 new button

When clicked, a dialog opens in the middle on the screen to select which item you want to create:

30 new modal

If the first option Work is chosen, the list of available cases and processes will be shown, grouped by Flowable App letting you select which one you want to create. The list is scrollable using your mouse wheel and contains a search box to search by name. You can also collapse app sections for better reading.

31 new create work

After selecting which work item you want to create, if there is an init form associated to the work item, it would open as a new dialog showing the form so that you can enter the initial values for it, for example:

31 new work init form

After filling the init form (if there is one), the navigation would take you to the corresponding section of the side panel according to the item you have created, have it selected in the inbox panel, and it would be shown in the details panel.

31 new work after creation