Running Behind a Proxy

When running behind a proxy or a load balancer Flowable Work uses the X-Forwarded headers in order to provide better linking support and to create secure cookies.

Therefore, when running behind a proxy or load balancer it is important that the proxy is properly setting the different X-Forwarded headers. The crucial headers are:

  • X-Forwarded-For - This helps identity the IP address of the original request.

  • X-Forwarded-Proto - This helps identify the protocol of the original request.

  • X-Forwarded-Port - This helps identify the destination port of the original request.

Apart from configuring the proxy or load balancer the application needs to be configured as well.

Embedded Mode

When running the application in an embedded mode (as a Spring Boot application with java -jar) the property server.use-forward-headers needs to be set to true. This property ensures that the X-Forwarded-* headers are applied to the HttpRequest.

Running Within Tomcat

When running the application as a WAR withing Tomcat you need to configure the Remote IP Valve.