Flowable Work User Definitions

Flowable Work manages features and permissions of an application user by defining user definitions.

User definitions follow a "template" pattern for each different types of user using the system. Example include: administrators, superusers, operators, client advisers, clients, etc. They all have different feature sets available, different member groups, different permissions, etc.

To define the user definitions for your Flowable Work setup create a file like:


where <users> is a meaningful name for the set of user definitions.

Use the following content to define an admin user with full permissions to Flowable Work:

    "key": "admin",
    "name": "Flowable Administration User",
    "description": "Creates a new administration user.",
    "allowedFeatures": [ "contacts", "createUser", "reports", "reportsMetrics",
      "actuators", "user-mgmt", "search-api", "workobject-api", "templateManagement",
      "work", "tasks", "cases", "editAvatar" ]