Flowable Server

The Flowable Server itself is a stateless application and therefore does not need any additional synchronization mechanisms between its nodes (such as cache synchronizing) except for the database.

Simultaneous auto deployments

When the Flowable Server boots up it can perform automatic deployment of resources configured on the classpath. By default, every node does this independently from the other nodes.

In some cases it might be needed to make sure that only one node is deploying, which can be achieved by enabling the deployment lock. When enabled, this effectively makes sure that during bootup only one node is executing the deployment. Every node will try to acquire the lock before deploying or wait until another node is finished and releases the lock.

Following properties can be set to enabled and configure the deployment locking:

flowable.auto-deployment.use-lock=false # Whether to use a lock when performing the auto deployment.
flowable.auto-deployment.lock-wait-time=PT5M # Duration to wait for the auto deployment lock before giving up.
flowable.auto-deployment.throw-exception-on-deployment-failure=true # Whether to throw an exception if there was some kind of failure during the auto deployment.
flowable.auto-deployment.lock-name=flowableAutoDeploymentLock # Name of the lock that should be used for the auto deployment.

The previous properties are configuring the global auto deployment, for all engines. It is also possible to configure this per engine (if a value is not set then the global one is used) using the following properties:


In the above properties <engineType> should be replaced with one of the available engines:

  • action - for the Action Engine

  • app - for the App Engine

  • bpmn - for the Process Engine

  • cmmn - for the CMMN Engine

  • content - for the Content Engine

  • dataobject - for the Data Object Engine

  • dmn - for the DMN Engine

  • engage - for the Engage Engine

  • form - for the Form Engine

  • idm - for the IDM Engine

  • policy - for the Policy Engine

  • template - for the Template Engine

  • service-registry - for the Service Registry Engine

Simultaneous index mapping creation

When the Flowable Server boots up it checks and creates the required Index Mappings. In case every node should perform locking before creating the indexing then the following properties can be set:

flowable.indexing.use-lock-for-index-mapping-creation=false # Whether to use a lock when performing the index mappings create or update operations.
flowable.indexing.mapping-schema-lock-wait-time=false # Duration to wait for the Index mappings lock before giving up.