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Here you can find the documentation, tutorials and how-to’s for the various Flowable products written by the Flowable team. There are various guides available on this page that range from installing the different Flowable products, using them and dedicated articles on advanced topics. The picture below shows from a high-level point of view the different Flowable products.

Flowable Products

All products are built on top of the Flowable Core open source project. The Javadoc for these powerful and scalable engines can be found here and the Swagger documentation for the REST interfaces can be found here.

Flowable Work is a process and case management platform incorporating these engines, pre-configured by the team that built them and exposed through a rich user interface. Flowable Work is designed in way that allows extensive pluggability and a vast amount of configuration of all its features.

Flowable Platform is the "headless" API-only variant of Flowable Work, providing access to its services through REST and Java interfaces. The Javadoc for Flowable Platform can be found here and the Swagger documentation for the REST interfaces can be found here (excluding Engage).

Flowable Engage expands upon everything that is possible in Flowable Work, adding a conversational user interface and external connectivity to third-party messaging systems (including WhatsApp, WeChat, and others).

Flowable Design is a modeling environment to create BPMN, CMMN, DMN, Form and other model types that can be deployed and executed in Flowable Core, Flowable Work and Flowable Engage. Learn all about Flowable Design in the Flowable Design User Guide.

Flowable Control provides visibility into and total control of your Flowable Engines. You can quickly find failing processes and get them working again, or modify aspects of a case to correct wrong data. Learn all about Flowable Control in the Flowable Control User Guide.

Flowable Forms is a JavaScript library driving all the complex forms in Flowable Work and Flowable Engage and can also be used together when embedding Flowable Core. Using Flowable Design, complex form layouts can be created that run in any JavaScript application, including your own web application. Master everything around Flowable Forms in its own dedicated documentation.

Additional Information

The latest Release Notes for the Flowable stack are available here.

Also available on request are a Static Code Analysis Report, a Performance Test Report, and a Penetration Testing Report. Please contact your Flowable representative to arrange for access to the reports.

Previous product documentation is available for edoras one.

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