Tabs component icon Tabs

Tabs are a way to organize complex forms. Each tab represents one section of a form.

To add a new tab, drop a "Tab/Panel" component into a tab container.

Tabs are moved by clicking on the < and > symbols in the Designer.


Design Rendered
Tabs component rendered
Tabs component design


Group Name Description



This is a unique id for the component.


The label attribute adds a label to the component.

Label position

The position of the label, you can choose between left or top.

Label tooltip

When it is defined, a question mark icon appears in the component label. When the user hovers over it it shows this text in a tooltip.


Boolean value or Expression specifies whether component is enabled or disabled.


Boolean value or expression specifies whether the component is visible or hidden. This expression might include another value in the same form, for instance, use a checkbox bound to {{showAdditionalFields}} and use the very same expression as the visible attribute to show or hide the component according to the checked state of the checkbox. If you want only to show the component, if the form is not used as the start form, you can use the expression '{{}}' which evaluates to true only, if there is a current case id which is not the case in a start form.