Other Elements



Connectors are used to connect Plan Items. Specifically, they are used as the "On-Part" of sentries. This is why it is only possible to drag a connector from a plan item to an Entry or Exit Criterion. Each connector has a Standard Event which determines the event of the On-Part of the sentry. Currently, the following events are available:

  • Complete

  • Create

  • Enable

  • Exit

  • Fault

  • Manual Start

  • Occur

  • Reactivate

  • Start

  • Terminate

See Sentries for more information on the specific usage of connectors and their role within Sentries.

Plan Fragment

Container Plan Fragment

Plan Fragments allow you to group related elements. Currently, they do not have any execution semantics in Flowable and can be used to build groups of Plan Items that belong together.


Milestones are a form of plan item that are used to signify that a particular state is reached.

Even though Milestones currently do not have any runtime behavior, they can be used to route the flow of plan items. Since they are just regular plan items, it is also possible to query for achieved milestones in the back end.