Case Plan Model

The Case plan model represents the case itself. It is the top-most parent stage for all model elements of the case.


Group Attribute Description



A unique ID for the element. The ID is used to refer to a model element from outside of the diagram (for example, from a CMMN Action button in a form or when referring to a model element, such as plan item ID, in a CMMN REST call). For convenience, this ID can be edited.


The name of the element. This is the name displayed in the diagram. If no run-time name is specified, this name is also used in the running case.

Creation date

This defines the date on which the diagram was created.

Modification date

This defines the date on which the diagram was last modified.


Documentation intended to explain concepts of its use for future reference.

Security policy

The security policy associated with this element.

Folder path for uploaded content items

The folder path where uploaded content items for this case are uploaded.


The description attribute additionally adds a description to the component.



This defines the version number of the case.


This holds the name of the author of the case.

Initiator variable name

The user that can start the case instance.

Target namespace

Target namespace of the case model. This allows you to group models according to your own criteria.


Label expression

Replaces the label of all activities with the provided expression. For instance, ${id} would display the ID of elements as the label in the element.

Font weight

The font weight of the element in the diagram.

Font size

The font size of the element in the diagram.

Font color

The font color of the element in the diagram.

Font style

The font style of the element in the diagram.