What is CMMN?

The Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) is a standard notation and formal specification of the Object Management Group for representing cases. It can be used for capturing work methods that are based on the handling of cases requiring various activities that may be performed in an unpredictable order in response to evolving situations. Using an event-centered approach and the concept of a case file, CMMN expands the boundaries of what can be modeled with BPMN, including less structured work efforts and those driven by knowledge workers. Using a combination of BPMN and CMMN allows users to cover a much broader spectrum of work methods. It provides a standard, common language for all stakeholders, whether technical or non-technical: business analysts, case workers, managers and technical developers, as well as external teams and consultants. Ideally, it bridges the gap between process intention and implementation by providing sufficient detail and clarity into the sequence of business activities.

In addition, CMMN in its current version was designed with automatic execution in mind. This means that a case can be stored as a file and can then be used to automatize case management using a so called CMMN engine such as Flowable.

Purpose of CMMN

CMMN is targeted at participants and other stakeholders involved in case work to gain understanding through an easy-to-understand visual representation of the case model.