Event Based Gateway

Event Based Gateway
The Event-Based Gateway represents a branching point in the Process where the alternative paths that follow the Gateway are based on Events that occur, rather than the evaluation of Expressions using Process data (as with an Exclusive or Inclusive Gateway). A specific Event, usually the receipt of a Message, determines the path that will be taken. Basically, the decision is made by another Participant, based on data that is not visible to Process, thus, requiring the use of the Event-Based Gateway.
— BPMN 2.0.2 Standard, 10.6.6, Event-Based Gateway

In Flowable, Event-Based Gateways are used to model branches which are depending on the occurrence of two or more events. The process execution stops at the gateway and resumes once one of the events connected via Sequence Flow occur.


The following example shows a process where an activation code is being sent out. The process then stops and waits until an acknowledgement message arrives or if 5 minutes elapsed.