Inclusive Gateway

Inclusive Gateway
A diverging Inclusive Gateway (Inclusive Decision) can be used to create alternative but also parallel paths within a Process flow. Unlike the Exclusive Gateway, all condition Expressions are evaluated. The true evaluation of one condition Expression does not exclude the evaluation of other condition Expressions. All Sequence Flows with a true evaluation will be traversed by a token. Since each path is considered to be independent, all combinations of the paths MAY be taken, from zero to all. However, it should be designed so that at least one path is taken.
— BPMN 2.0.2 Standard, 10.6.3, Inclusive Gateway

Inclusive gateways are used to model decisions where one or more paths can be taken.

To decide which route(s) the process follows, the conditions on the outgoing Sequence Flows are checked. The condition is modeled as an expression and must always evaluate to a boolean value of true or false. It is important to understand that the conditions of an inclusive gateway are not modeled on the gateway itself but rather on the outgoing sequence flows.

Every time a condition evaluates to true or if a Sequence Flow has no condition, the process branches at that position. If no condition evaluates to true or if there is no Sequence Flow without a condition, the process is stuck.

To join inclusive branches, use another inclusive gateway. The execution only continues once all paths have been completed.


The following example shows how an Inclusive gateway is used to model a simple decision where more than one path can be true.

Inclusive gateway